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Full-time agent dedicated to the real estate field for 35+ years.


Marketing Survey: To set the correct rental value in order to have a low vacancy and steady income.

Advertising: Carlea M. Lenker, Realty will advertise your property on our web site as well as the local paper and contact local corporations as well as the military housing for Central Pennsylvania. This expense is included in your leasing commission.

Screening Process: All applications are screened for credit, rental and/or ownership references and income before any tenant sees the inside of your property. This expense is included in you leasing commission.

Leasing Signing: Once accepted, the prospective tenant signs a lease that has been approved by The Attorney General office for the state of Pennsylvania and complies with local and state laws. The tenant must provide a security deposit (equal to one month’s rent) and first month’s rent.

Accounting: After the new tenant has signed the lease and all monies are paid, a full accounting is made and a distribution is made to you.


Leasing: Carlea M. Lenker, Realty will lease your property to qualified tenants. To arrange to have vacant properties painted or cleaned and/or repaired before the next tenant moves in. This expense is included in your leasing commission.

Maintenance: To receive all maintenance calls from the tenants and secure the correct person to make the necessary repairs.

Rent Collections: Rents are to be paid on the 1st of each month the grace period is 5 days. If the tenant does not pay and eviction is necessary we will proceed as the law directs for eviction. Also to collect any other expenses that the tenant would be required to pay such as sewer, trash and/or water.

Accounting: You will receive a monthly statement showing all income and expenses and disbursements. At this end of the year you will receive a full year accounting for your tax records, ei. pay utilities, association fees, and repair bills from your account.

Inspections: Inspect the property to be sure it is being maintained and if required by the local government to meet with their inspector . To complete move-in/move-out inspections of the property.

Please contact Carlea Lenker at 717-761-6616 or for fees.